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Welcome to the Village of Firth, NE

Hobelman Retires from Firth Village Board

After serving on the Firth Village Board for 40 1/2 years, Dave Hobelman passed the baton of leadership at the December 6, 2022, Village Board meeting.

His humble leadership and service to Firth and the surrounding community is greatly appreciated and will be greatly missed.

Hobelman became a Board Trustee in June 1982. He was elected Chairman of the Board in June 1994 and remained Board Chair until his departure in December 2023.

In Hobelman's 40 1/2 years serving on the Firth Village Board, there were 486 regular monthly Board meetings. (He presided as Board Chair over 342 of those meetings.) With an average of three special meetings per year, Hobelman attended an additional 120-plus board meetings. He only missed a handful of meetings over the 40 1/2-year span.

Firth has changed and grown a lot over the last 40 years. There have been many Village projects, both large and small. There have been challenges and many more triumphs and milestones for the community. Through it all, Dave has been a consistent servant leader - helping the Village run smoothly, planning for the future and making Firth a great place to be!