Bulletin Board

2017 Infrastructure projects

A total overhaul of the Firth Sewer Lift Station and lagoons was completed in the spring of 2017.  This project was partially funded with a Community Block Development Grant of $230,000.  The remainder of the project was funded by a State Revolving Fund loan.  

The Sewer Lift Station was brought up to industry standards and should serve Firth well for the foreseeable future.  


North Ridge Addition is in the final stage of infrastructure construction.  Water and Sewer mains have been extended and street construction is underway.  Building permits will be issued once the streets are completed.  Phase 1 of the development will boast 19 homes.  


The Firth Splash Pad is a favorite gathering spot for kids and adults alike.  The Firth Park has been busy this summer with many people taking advantage of the splash pad, basketball courts, playground, open green space and the picnic shelters.  


Snow parking policy

In the event of snow, please remember:

"It shall be unlawful to park or stand any vehicle on any street or alley in the residential district in the Village at any time within 24 hours after a snowfall of one (1) inch or more has accorred within a 24 hour period unless snow has been removed within that time.  Any person parking a vehicle in violations of this section shall be subject to issuance of a citation by the Sheriff or having such vehicle towed at owner's expense."

Firth Municipal Code Section 3-208